Wealth Management

The global wealth has grown faster than ever in recent years. TG Wealth’s wealth management service is your best option to acquire stable interest income in the fast-growing market. Our investment expertise will help you to gain access to global stock markets, bond markets, funds and a series of reliable investment tools. Anticipate a prosperous life with greater wealth.

We are accredited by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP CM), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM). Professional knowledge and integrity are what we proud of in our 15-year experiences in the investment field. We have fully grasped and mastered various financial instruments and related law and regulations. After a thorough evaluation of your assets, expectant income and expenditure and risk tolerance, we will develop a comprehensive investment plan from the breadth of our portfolios in short, medium and long terms.

Our wide range of financial products includes real estate, treasury bonds, funds, securities, insurance, foreign exchange trading, gold trading and beyond. Based on our pragmatic investment philosophy, we have developed a broad range of investment alternatives with high potential investment portfolios to capture market opportunities for individual, professional and institutional investors.

A dedicated team of wealth management experts is assigned to monitor the global market trends closely and act on investment portfolios instantly to strive for the best return for our clients. US$3,000,000 or above investment portfolios will be assigned to our portfolio managers to explore investment opportunities with higher yields.

   Product Competitiveness

   •We fully understand our clients’ investment goals and risk tolerance to tailor investment solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

   •We build credibility through professionalism and integrity. We do not pursue commissions by making any rash recommendation on buying or selling. We aim at creating a long-term and comprehensive plan for our clients’ portfolios.

   •We provide a wide range of investment products to achieve short, medium and long-term goals. We are capable of capturing potential opportunities by acting fast to adjust our clients’ portfolios.

   •Our professional wealth management team takes the lead to align with global market trends fully.

   •We cover all key investment areas including real estate, treasury bonds, funds, securities, insurance, foreign exchange trading, gold trading and beyond, to meet different kinds of investment needs.

   •A capital threshold as low as US$50,000 can connect to the global investment platform to capture investment opportunities.

   •Fund-switching is free of charge to make investment more cost-effective.