Immigration Investment

Seizing the opportunities brought by the Investment Immigration Program in many countries, TG Wealth provides one-stop service integrating investment strategies with 100% immigration success rate to help families seeking to take root overseas.

Through strategic alliances with immigration consultants, multinational lawyers, CPAs and tax experts, we always offer sound and diversified investment advice. We don’t just provide 100% successful immigration solutions, but also investment alternatives for capital that looks for high return potentials with low-cost, low-threshold and minimum risk.

Our investment networks cover popular immigration destinations and emerging hotspots including the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Our investment projects range from high-potential corporate, real estate, securities and bonds markets. We ensure our clients’ capital investment comply with their immigrant visa application.

We provide comprehensive immigration services with quick response to the newest immigration policies and approval mechanisms to ensure rapid and efficient visa approvals.Our services include immigration application assessment, immigration proposal, visa application, financial report and capital arrangements, etc. Moreover, our complementary supports from purchase and sales of overseas properties, education, medical insurance to corporate financial schemes offers a total solution for settling abroad.

Service Advantages

Professional Assessments and Professional Solution with 100% successful rate.

Expertise legal services. Professional. Efficient. Quick approval.

We offer high-quality real estate investment opportunities with high yield potentials.

We provide comprehensive supporting services such as education and venture capital investment opportunity.