Corporate Finances

TG Wealth closely collaborates with fund management and private equity institution, investment banks and venture capital firms. We leverage our extensive network to provide diversified financing channels for our corporate client’s liquidity needs. We assist corporates in mainland China and Hong Kong to achieve greater success through our tailored financing solutions and consultancy services.

Our team of specialists are equipped with professional knowledge of the global capital markets through their solid and extensive experience in the investment banking sector and corporate finance institution. Drawing on our precise analysis of capital and liabilities composition, short-term and long-term liability ratio, debt maturity, other relevant information and clauses, you can pursue your financing objectives with cost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In reality, financing schemes can be complex and dynamic. Project and liquidity financing, venture capital and private equity funds, debenture bonds and various financing schemes, all impose different levels of impact on the company’s equity distribution, decision-making authority, balance sheet and P&L in the short and long-runs. Thus, a well-prepared continuous and sustainable planning is very important to a corporate long-term development.

We have demonstrated our capabilities in exploiting highly effective financing channels for corporate in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Products and Services

We provide financing solutions include:

Project Finance

Cash Flow Finance

Venture Capital Investment

Private Equity Investment

Bond and Notes

We also specialize in financing schemes for China corporate through exploring various financing channels ranging from onshore saving for offshore loans, letter of credit issuance, additional financing for overseas mergers and acquisitions, trade loans and other projects.