Health Protection



When you are looking for the best medical solutions, our dedicated medical programs in physical checkups, vaccinations and preventive treatments can match with the specific needs of you and your loved ones.

TG Wealth is in a long-standing collaboration with leading medical examination institutions, laboratories and vaccine providers all over Hong Kong.We stay close with the latest development of high-end medical markets, particularly in the field of medical examinations, vaccinations and preventive treatments to develop our medical plans. We are also able to connect you with internationally renowned consultant doctors and specialists as your constant support.

Our inclusive physical examination and vaccination services cover a wide range of individuals from infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, patients with sensitive immune systems, individuals with a higher chance of developing cancer(s), cancer patients, rehabilitated individuals, chronic patients and people with specific medical needs. At a time where medical beds and vaccines are in short supply, we seek to maintain our reputation and establish credibility with our services.

We are committed to ensure our valued clients will be accompanied and fully taken care of in the course of medical checkups, reports or any follow-up procedures deemed necessary. The content of each service scheme will be explained thoroughly, all inspections and medical treatments are guaranteed to be carried out independently and with strict confidentiality.

We adhere to a high standard of professional care, advanced medical technology and personalized service to achieve quality medical services to add value to your health assets.