With more than 16 years of success and solid experience in wealth management and investment, Thanks Giving Wealth Management Ltd. (TG Wealth) has established unrivalled global networks, extensive investment portfolios and a clear long-term business vision. Our distinctive competencies have ensured that we are well-suited to provide sophisticated and tailored solutions for entrepreneurs, social elites and high-end enterprises in mainland China and Hong Kong. From personal wealth appreciation, family asset management to corporate development, we assist our clients to achieve the goal of wealth management and lifetime protection. We adhere to our professional qualifications and quality service to become a trustworthy investment partner.


Our Business Philosophy:

To Create Mutual Benefits with Professional Integrity

We believe we can only earn the trust of our valued clients’ by continuously optimizing their asset value and investment yields. Moreover, we establish a strong foothold in the market by doing so. We adhere to our “Enrich Your Life, Never Forget The Mission” business philosophy to choose our partners and products. We also assure the quality and variety of our portfolios and services are amongst the best in the industry.

We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes with dedicated customer service from consultations, product sales to after-sales. We take the role as a market pioneer by inventing new products and services. We always move forward with our clients with vision and deployment.

We will never scarify our client’s portfolio performance for the sake of our benefits. We always place our clients’ return and protection as our priority. We aim at creating mutual interest for long-term and even permanent partnerships.


Implementation of Mutual Benefit Strategy:

  • We do not sell products or schemes that do not meet our clients’ portfolio objectives.
  • The investment portfolio is not rashly converted for investment commissions in avoidance of unrealized potential return by long-term holdings of assets.
  • We listen carefully to our clients and always provide expert advice and services.
  • We guarantee strict confidentiality on personal information obtained from consultation to execution.
  • We choose our partners carefully. All of our products or schemes are based on quality over quantity.


Personal Wealth Planning



Industry Layout Extension



One-stop Service Platform

We have established a strong coalition with professionals to construct a one-stop platform for our clients to entrust their plans to a network of experts who can quickly analyze and act upon in all perspectives to provide the best possible solutions. Our coalition includes financial professionals, investment elites and top operators in legal, taxation, immigration, insurance, trust and business management. We assist our corporate clients to achieve success in the broad scope of financial planning, investment management, corporate registration and account opening, corporate financing and IPO audit. Our platform will also act as constant support to personal wealth management, insurance and savings plans, wealth inheritance and immigration investment.

Professional Integrity

We have established a professional team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP CM), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Financial Risk Managers (FRM) to keep up with the latest financial trends in Hong Kong, China and around the world. We can quickly integrate high-quality investment strategies by combining first-hand information with professional analyses.

We adhere to the integrity of professional ethics. From investment planning to financing needs, we provide substantial support for the rapid development of personal wealth and business enterprises.

Global Reach, Local Heritage

While our strong global network is our cutting edge, our local heritage runs deep. We set up our business in Hong Kong and strive to serve our valued clients across greater China by connecting them to Hong Kong and various international markets. We bridge the gaps of cultural differences to eliminate the loss of investment inefficiency. We speak the same language, possess the same cultural values and share the same visions with our accomplished clients, which make us more competent to recognise and address their financial and investment needs. We have a wide range of financial products from securities, fixed-interest products, guaranteed savings, property investments as well as diversified wealth management products. We aspire to empower our clients to leave with medical safety nets for themselves and their beloved ones, with trustworthy family wealth heritages, and be able to live abroad and execute full business expansion plan for their success.