Global Properties

With our practical experience in global real estate markets, TG Wealth grasps the development trend of the hottest real estate market. We also have stable relationships with large developers and mortgage providers. We have been taking a leading role in the sales of several high-quality real estate projects and offer guaranteed returns on investment.

Our real estate investment consultants leverage expertise and experience to establish a highly competitive property portfolio. We have a broad range of quality properties which are newly developed, recently developing and second-hand in prime locations across Hong Kong, UK, U.S., Canada, Japan and Australia. Regardless of residential and commercial properties, our projects offer solid rental return and potentials of value appreciation, which are more attractive than other asset classes.

Our comprehensive property investment services include property valuation, purchase, sales and leasing, real estate and multi-asset management. In addition to the collaborative relations with local banks and mortgage providers, we have established a platform to provide personalized mortgage loan services, legal and tax advice, language and various professional supports. Whether the properties are for home-use or investment purposes, we offer real estate investment solutions that meet the requirements from investors to clients aboard.

Professional Services

        We offer a full range of sales and support services, including:

Real estate project recommendations (Commercial/Residential)

Financial advice and mortgage referral services

Legal consultation and taxation advice

Property and lease management

Property valuation

Leasing services

After-sales support