Enterprise Financial Affairs

Forming a company in Hong Kong is your first step to connect to tremendous opportunities in the global market. With TG Wealth’s three designated services in company registration and account opening, professional audit service and IPO audit service, we will set your business on the path to success with our reliable support.

Our professional company registration consultants can provide timely and appropriate recommendations for company formation and registration in accordance with the local rules and regulations. After full comprehension of your business operations, financial status, operating results, cash flow and relevant accounting and audit information, our Senior Accountants, who are equipped with professional ethics and accounting skills, will provide the best audit service solutions under the framework of Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards (HKFRS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Let us take care of the tedious auditing affairs, so you can focus on expanding your business.

We offer IPO audit services for HK and China corporates that aspire to be listed in the HK capital market with minimized costs and approval time span. Our Listing Reporting Accountants will carefully handle all statutory audit and annual reports according to the latest auditing standards, disclosure requirements and regulations under Hong Kong’s listing rules. We will identify and clear all significant errors to remove any obstacles to listing. We will fully support the listing processes by providing professional consulting services to facilitate the matching of sponsors and distributors.

Our professional auditing knowledge and experience will be the edge for us to move forward with our clients.

Professional Services

      Company Registration and Account Opening Services:

•Company Registration (Hong Kong company registration or offshore company registration)

•Company Bank Account Set Up (matching the company’s requirements and conditions against local banks to shortlist the most appropriate option for account set up)

•Company Secretarial Services

•Office Premises and Collection of Correspondence

Preparation and Safekeeping of Significant Controllers Registration Services

We also specialize in financing schemes for China corporate through various financing channels ranging from onshore savings for offshore loans, letter of credit issuance, additional financing for overseas mergers and acquisitions, trade loans and other projects.

Professional Auditing Services:

Bookkeeping Services

Accounting System Set Up

Financial Statement Preparation

Inventory Management

Cost Management

Establishment of an Internal Accounting Audit System

IPO Audit Services:

Auditing services under information disclosure requirements.

Compliance check on the company’s accounting system and records. Significant errors identification and good practice recommendation.

Latest rules and standards from the accounting perspective, listing rules and other regulatory requirements. Professional advice on corporate operating performance based on audit data analysis.