Insurance and Savings

A better tomorrow comes from a better plan. Smart investment in medical insurance plans, pension packages and savings programs can build a financial safety net. These plans can help to cope with medical emergency expenses and become a sustainable investment in the long run. Act now to prepare for care-free retirement life.

As an expert in wealth management and investment, TG Wealth strategically integrates insurance business into a wealth management business to serve the clients better. Instead of focusing on a single insurance and saving plan, we believe in comprehensive wealth management. After a thorough evaluation of your assets, we will offer insurance/savings solutions to achieve permanent protection and wealth accumulation.

Our basket of insurance and saving products are selected from the best portfolios with investment and insurance potentials from reputable insurance institutions. We customize our insurance and saving plans for the best interest of our clients regarding protection and investment growth.

Our range of after-sales support includes payment reminders, regular meetings and policy reviews, financial news bulletins. We also provide rapid professional assistance in times of emergency including domestic and foreign hospital information, inpatient and surgery follow-up, insurance claim arrangements, etc. We will be your companion and fully safeguard your rights and interests during an emergency.